Opera & Classical Music

Long before I became a photographer of the Theatre, I was a lover of classical music a passion inherited from my parents, who were both talented musicians.

My photography of the Opera - with its amazing music, the genius of its stars, the conductors and wonderful musicians in the orchestra pit as well as the entire back-stage technical crew - was so overwhelmingly inspirational that from the word go it was impossible not to get wonderful pictures.

The emotional excitement of a well-produced opera with all that amazing music coming from the orchestra pit was the ultimate source of inspiration and the key to my interpretation when I was shooting it.

Classical music soloists and I too, have somehow always enjoyed a special, mutual privilege; that of having the advantage of a quiet, intimate, one-to-one time in my studio for their publicity portrait sessions, where sometimes close friendships were formed. Many of these musicians are still my friends today. The most talented were, without exception, always the most genuine and unaffected.

If I succeeded at all with my pictures of the Opera and classical music soloists, then it was solely because of all their incredible music, which somehow entered my very soul and cast a magical spell over the camera.