Working as a publicity Stills photographer on a film is most challenging and can be very exciting, for film-making combines the highly technological Cinematic art and genre, converting the written pages of the shooting script into a piece of Motion-picture art, plus that of the director, the cinematographer and the actor’s talents, all in one ‘take’.

Stills photographers are usually not the most popular members of the crew and have to tread carefully, being careful not to ‘get in the way’ of the many technicians involved, whilst getting their precious images. Images which are so vitally important to the post-production and ultimate marketing of the film.

Most directors I’ve worked with, like the great David Lean for instance, and many fine actors too, fortunately, fully realised this, and I was lucky to work with only the best. Unfortunately there are but a handful of my film stills in this collection, as all my shot material automatically became the property of the production after it was finished. These few images however, were kept by me, as personal momentoes in my private collection and were all part of the contents of that old cardboard box in my garage which no doubt you’ve read about, in the home-page introduction, and they represent special and precious memories for me.