The aim of this website is to share the versatility, creativity and exceptional photographic skill of Bob Martin, and to share  his visual record of the energy, passion and talent of the entertainers who captured the imaginations of South African audiences from as far back as the early 1960's.

About Bob Martin

Through his magical lens, BOB MARTIN reveals his chameleon-like empathy with all his subjects.

He started his photographic career whilst in Kenya during the Mau Mau emergency, working as a ‘scene of crime’ photographer as a reservist with the Kenya Police, and then, on his return to SA as a Sunday Times photographer.

He then broadened his experience by working as a publicity-stills cameraman on a number of international film sets, also assisting the legendary ‘Karsh of Ottawa’ on the film, “Zulu” with Michael Caine.

Highlights & Footlights

Photographer Bob Martin's magical lens has captured many exquisite images through the years.


Photo Galleries

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Opera & Classical Music

Long before I became a photographer of the Theatre, I was a lover of classical music a passion inherited from my parents, who were both talented musicians.

My photography of the Opera - with its amazing music, the genius of its stars, the conductors and wonderful musicians in the orchestra pit as well as the entire back-stage technical crew - was so overwhelmingly inspirational that from the word go it was impossible not to get wonderful pictures...


Musicals & Cabaret

As you will no doubt read in my anecdotal captions to the photographs in this particular section of my book, when photographing Cabaret and The Musical theatre, life was never dull, and I had many ‘experiences’ with cabaret artists who are sometimes, notorious ‘Drama queens’...

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It is I think, probably because of my brief but exciting (and exhausting) interlude as a dancer, during my youth, that I automatically felt completely at ease when photographing ‘Le dance’.

I was fortunate that my work included capturing the ‘greats’ of dance, from the classical beauty of the lovely Margo Fontyn to the exciting earthiness of the company of Gypsy kids, in the Jose Greco Flamenco dance company...



I’ve always been smitten by the magic of the Theatre. As a very young man, I wanted to be an actor and performed on stage in several productions despite having been warned about it's precariousness as a profession.

My fleeting experience treading the boards, also a brief spell with the University of Cape Town Ballet company as a dancer, gave me a real taste of all the ‘heart-break-house’ penury for which the profession is renowned and which, had I continued to act, or dance, would surely have been my lot...

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Working as a publicity Stills photographer on a film is most challenging and can be very exciting, for film-making combines the highly technological Cinematic art and genre, converting the written pages of the shooting script into a piece of Motion-picture art, plus that of the director, the cinematographer and the actor’s talents, all in one ‘take’...

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Portrait photography is not only a highly personal experience for the sitter but also for the photographer. Most of my theatre, dance and music portraits are by their very nature, pictures of extraordinarily gifted people. Whether they are actors, singers, musicians, or dancers, the prime requisite is for me to gain their trust and get them to relax first, and then to try and connect, on a personal level.


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